Installing Arch Linux in UEFI mode + LVM on LUKS + systemd-boot

10 September, 2016

I've been a Fedora user for a couple of years now (~5 years, before joining Red Hat) and all my machines run on it. But, I just recently got a new laptop and decided to give Arch Linux a go. There's no major reason for the change, I just wanted to try something different and was specifically looking for a rolling-release distribution1.

The Arch Wiki is fantastic and so is the installion guide but, it can be a lot of reading2 specially if you deviate from the standard install instructions. To speed up things a little I created video that goes through the full process of installing Arch Linux in UEFI mode, full disk encryption (LVM on LUKS) and systemd-boot as the bootloader.

Note that these instructions are just a high level overview of the process and are not supposed to go into detail of each of the steps. To know more about each command and the pros and cons of methods/technologies used in the video please check the Arch Wiki.

  1. Yes, rawhide does amount to a rolling-release distro but it's just a work-in-progress stage for the upcoming stable release. 

  2. It's totally worth it tho!